IoT Asset Management

Connected assets send rich data through IoT. Use it to improve asset performance, operations, and maintenance.

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IoT-enabled Asset Management automation & intelligence

Based on the gathered data, IoT-enabled Mint can provide you with real-time alerts, predictive analytics, automatic reporting, data insights and more by managing and tracking information of multiple devices.

Embrace the full potential of your inventory

  • Remote Asset Tracking – digitize the where, what and when of your assets.
  • Asset Condition Monitoring – keep track of asset status and stay informed with pre-defined alerts.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management – plan where your assets are allocated and stay updated on their status and upcoming changes.
  • Asset Workflow Automation – eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, build workflows to auto-complete a series of events.
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance – get rid of a reactive and corrective approach, increase asset reliability with smart insights.

Asset Auto-discovery tool

Balance productivity with cost-effectiveness. Ensure assets working within established regulatory frameworks. Gain previously unimaginable insights. Shift your standard asset management with the IoT proactive, automated and intelligent approach.

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