Process Management

Simplify workflows with Process Management – build processes that automate ticket routing, initiate approvals, and notify your teams about the changes that may impact them.

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Maintain full control of your organization's processes at all times and benefit from comprehensive and simplified process monitoring.

Model and execute processes with Process Manager to reduce repeat work, facilitate faster request resolution and remove bottlenecks. Streamline all your processes to drive better business efficiency.

Set simple and complex automation rules to build workflows for teams and your entire organization.

  • Automate internal processes, auto-assign tasks, create multilevel approvals.
  • Establish a detailed roadmap of processes: define trigger rules, set up steps and approval processes, create different scenarios, build recurring processes and standard operating procedures, escalate incidents when needed.
  • Monitor all events in the service desk, check for pending responses and escalations, flag critical events, and notify users automatically.

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