Advanced reporting

Get in-depth insight into service desk performance, make informed decisions, identify problems and improvement areas, and plan based on success.

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Measure performance

  • Get easy access to reports for incidents, changes, and assets.
  • Monitor asset status, attributes, flow, location, users and usage at any step of an asset lifecycle. Receive insight into the operational health of an asset and its composite systems.
  • View real-time data using various filters or formats to identify and resolve problems.

Receive best insights by using different reports forms

  • Pre-defined reports – choose among a number of ready-made reports or create custom templates for future use.
  • Custom reports – create tailored reports.
  • Visualizations – provide clarity to reviewed data and present it in an eye-catching way thanks to smart charts and graphs.
  • Cross-module reports – generate reports based on group, type, association or department.

Schedule reports for greater transparency

Automate reports to keep key stakeholders informed on relevant to-level data. Send automatic and scheduled updates. Bring transparency to co-workers, manager, and executives.

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