Service Catalog

Streamline service requests and redefine customer experience with Service Catalog Provide your users with a smart, hassle-free portal to request for services – be it onboarding kits, software, hardware or anything else you have in your offer.

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Offer numerous services for different departments thanks to the comprehensive, user-friendly Service Catalog. Receive successful, efficient, and personalized results.

Mint Service Catalog is your one-stop menu where services offered by your IT, HR, Accountancy, Legal and other departments meet giving employees the possibility to easily find exactly the assistance they are looking for.

Boost productivity with Service Catalog

  • Shorten request fulfillment process, eliminate errors, speed up work.
  • Keep your employees and end users updated on ticket progress and approvals thanks to notifications.
  • Simplify solving basic and repetitive incidents and requests by giving users access to relevant solutions in the knowledge base.
  • Reduce the number of duplicate tickets, calls, and requests by providing general and user-specific announcements.
  • Decrease the costs of high volumes of service requests.
  • Customize the Service Catalog experience depending on roles and permissions.

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