Service Level Management

Rules that fulfill your commitment to the business.

Mint Service Level Management (SLM) simplifies meeting the expectation of your organization thanks to service level agreement rules. You can set ticket management guidelines and measure your team’s performance thanks to available metrics.

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Stop SLA violations

Once defined, Service Level Management provides visualizations to oversee active SLAs, provides automatic notifications and escalations to keep your IT team, service providers, and customers informed and provide access to key metrics to understand organizational performance against service commitments.

Manage and monitor SLAs

  • Set separate SLAs for incidents and service requests
  • Configure response time SLAs and escalations to provide users with faster response
  • Establish automatic assignment of SLAs based on such ticket parameters as a priority, urgency, department, service category, requester, etc.
  • Pause SLA timers while waiting for user responses to omit unnecessary escalations

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