This section includes the whole list of agents roles that you will later assign to users. After you click on “Agent Rights” the “Roles” screen will be displayed, you will see the list of all the roles already defined.

Each role includes the access that a user can have for tickets and assets, this means that in order to give access to queues or asset categories and other elements first you need to create a new role, then assign it to the user and later in section "Schema creator" (separately for Tickets and Assets) add desired rights for tickets/assets etc..

In order to create a new role just click on the “Add new value” button and the system will display “Add Role” screen. Just type the name and save.


MINT Service Desk sends you back to the main “Roles” page with the list of roles.

Now you have to go to Users section, find the user account you want to assign a new role and click on "Role" button. In newly opened "Role management" window in "Agents" tab just turn ON the role you want to assign to the user.

Last step is to go to either Tickets > Schema Creator or Assets > Schema Creator (the following instruction is the same for both cases).

Press "Rights & Roles button. Now, from the first drop down list select "Agents roles" and from the second drop down list selest the user to whom you already assigned a new role.

Now you can add/remove any rights and permissions you want. In MINT Service Desk we have two types of permissions: "Read" and "Update". First allows the user to view the content ticket/asset/queue etc., while the second allows to create/modify/delete any of them.

Once you make any changes just save them by clicking "Save" button.

For detailed description please visit TICKETS and ASSETS Scheme Creator chapters of this guide.