If you provide support to many customers from different companies, in this section you are going to be able to manage them. To manage your supported companies, you have to click on “Add new value” and the “Create New Company” screen will be displayed, there are some sections there like: “Information”, “Roles”, “Calendars”, “SLA” and “Customers”. First of all, fill the information of the company: “Name”, “VAT-ID”, “Address”, “Description” and save the changes.

After you save the information changes, the system will enable two sections: “Roles” and “Customers”. Now you are able to create a “Role” and to create and assign a “New Customer” to that “Company”. Click on “Add new value” and the “Create user” screen will be displayed, just fill all the needed information like: “Login”, “Email”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Role”, “Password” and save your changes.

Also, on the main “Companies” section you will see the list of all the companies already configured, if you want to add a new customer in one of the companies listed just click on edit an go to the proper section, also if you want to edit something on a company information just go to the details, change what you need and save the changes.