The definition of some attributes that you created before on the “Attributes” section for tickets and assets can be done here. “Dictionaries” is the section where you can define all the values that you will use on attributes. The most common example is for dropdown fields where you need different values to be displayed. Here, in this place you can create them.


Click on “Add new value” and the Create New Dictionary view will be displayed. Type the “Name” of your dictionary like e.g. “OS types” and then select the “Type” from the list.


In this case you have to select “Text”. Now click on the yellow button “Add new value” and a new row will be displayed. Type your value name and create as much as you want. Based on the example you will have to create values like: “Windows”, “macOS”, “Linux”, etc.

You can also add child values or use the known options of “Expand all” and “Collapse all”.

There are more types of dictionaries that you can use like: “Char”, “Checkbox”, “Date”, “Decimal”, “Email”, “Integer”, “Phone number” and “Time”.