The next section of the administrator menu is “Settings” where you will find some subsections and parameters you can adjust. Once you click “Settings” on the left side menu you will find the following options:


The size of all needed files are defined here, you can setup the specific size (MB) of each file that is used in the system, like “Max avatar size”, “Max article attachment size”, “Max logo size” and “Max asset attachment size”, please type your preferred size in MB of each section and save the changes.

Also, you have the option “Limit for asset attachments” where you can define the number of possible attachments that can be added to each asset in your MINT Service Desk system, just type the number and save the changes.


Once the administrator approves an account for a user that signed up, the user receives a confirmation. Also when a user reset his password, an email is sent. The templates used in these processes can be configured here.

The options “Email confirmation template” and “Reset password template” are displayed in this section. Administrator can select the template (previously created) that should be sent for confirmation of new account and for password reset, also the email account (previously created) that should be send these templates. Select the option you want from the dropdown fields displayed and save the changes after.

When a user decides he wants to receive notifications, whenever new ticket has been created or any new changes have been made in already existing ticket, he can choose options in his user profile view.

Administrator on the other hand can create templates for such notifications. Once created they need to be selected in "New ticket notification template" and "Ticket changes notification template" options of the Settings view.


In this section you can select an email account that will be used for actions described above in "TEMPLATES" section of this guide.

Email accounts can be added and updated in Channels > Account part of Admin Portal.


If you want to change the logo on the side baror on the login page for your company logo, it is possible to do it in “Logo” section. It's very easy to change the branding from your business in MINT Service Desk by uploading the files.

Click on the image of “Sidebar logo” and “Login page background” to upload a new one. For “Sidebar logo” is better to upload a transparent background image and for “Login page background” is better to use a file with a height/width ratio of 11:10 .

If you prefer the default MINT Service Desk images you can reset to default values by clicking on the button “Reset to default” which will onle be displayed when you hover the mouse over each image.