Agent dashboard will display he tickets that you are able to see based on the agent rights. You can sort them by different attributes and also on the left side you can filter them by “Queue”, “Type” or you can use the “Filter by” option that helps you to filter them by “Status”, “Agent”, “Company” and “Period”.


The applied filters can be saved as a widget, you will find the “Save as a widget” button on the right side, click on the button and a pop up will be displayed “Add custom widget”, just type the name of your widget and save it.

On the left side menu, you will find the “Widgets” section, all the widgets you have saved will be displayed there. Choose any to bring the saved filtering settings you need.


The agents not only can see the assets like the customers but also, they are able to edit the attributes and assign assets to customers. The displayed attributes and assets are related to the configuration and rights that the administrator assigned to the agent.


Latest activities will be blinking on the left side, on the “Activities” section of the menu on the left, all the tickets assigned to the agent with new activity will be displayed and also will be blinking so agent can easily react and manage the tickets.


If agent receives a phone call from a customer or if he wants to create an internal ticket, then he needs to create a new ticket. In all cases the agent needs to click on the icon on the top right bar “New ticket”. Create new ticket screen will be displayed, agent needs to add information like: “Subject”, “Type”, “Assign to queue”, if the ticket is created on behalf of a customer, it is possible to select the customer and the company.

Finally, a description of the ticket needs to be written, all details will help for the solution of the ticket, just click on next to see the draft of the ticket, extra fields and finally just click on “Create”.


On the top right side of the agent portal, the bar menu also displays the button of the feature “New asset” that allows agents to create new assets. Once you click on the icon, new asset creation will be displayed, so the agent can now create a new asset. “Name” “Description”, “Category” and “Attachments” are the fields needed for the creation, also the agent can assign the asset to a particular customer. The categories and information displayed depends on the configuration and rights from the agent configured by the administrator.