All users have the same section to change their profile settings, after a successful login, you will find an action bar on the top, including the button to hide/show the bar on the left, the new ticket action button and the profile. On the top right corner, you will see a picture or letters from your profile. In order to edit your profile or logout, you need to click on the circle. It will display a menu with two options: “Profile” and “Log out”.


If you click on “Profile” it will lead you to the section where you can change your personal data, like: “Picture”, “Language”, “First Name”. “Second Name”, “Surname” and “Password”. Also, you can select what kind of notifications you're interested in receiving: "System alerts", "Push" or "Email".

Please notice that it is not possible to change the “Email” or “Login”, only the administrator can change the “Email”.

After making your changes you have to click on “Save” to store your changes, also if you want to leave the section, the system will ask you if you want to save changes before leaving.


If you want to log out and close your session on MINT Service Desk, just click on “Sign out” and the system will close your session and lead you to the main login screen.