The customer portal is a user-friendly interface where customers can see their tickets, create new tickets, check assets available and their own assigned assets.


The first screen after login is “Dashboard”, it displays the tickets that the customer is able to see, can be “My tickets” or tickets from the same company created by another college.

You can filter the tickets listed by “Queues”, "Ticket type", "Status" and "Period" or choose to sort them by different attributes like “Ticket Number”, “Subject”, “Creation date” and more. The attribute columns can be added or removed on the section “Set column properties” on the right side.


Also, you can look for specific tickets using the section “Search by subject”.

If you click on any attribute of the listed tickets on your dashboard it will take you to the “Ticket Details” of the selected ticket.


You will find the communication and the details of the ticket in this section, all the information about “Ticket number”, “Reporter”, “Company”, “Status”, “Assignee”, “Queue”, “Assets”,” Ticket type”, “Age”, “Channel” is on the right side and all the messages and details of the communication are in the middle, messages can be displayed in chat view or framed.

You can type your message in the text box and send it, you can also use the section WYSIWYG to compose a bigger message and change the font, size and format and finally you can add an attachment too.

Basically, this section is where you will see all interactions between customer and agents to solve the ticket.


As a customer you will also see “Assets” section, in here you will find the assets available from the company or provider. This means that the MINT Service Desk administrator added some assets for you to be able to see them, can be because you can relate your requests with them, or you can ask for new services knowing that the asset is available in the company.

It is very helpful for software as an example, you will know if your company already have a particular software or license you may need, and you don’t need to pay twice.

If you want to see the details of the asset, just clink on one of them and system will display the attributes that you can see, maybe there are more but customers can see only what administrator wants to display.


There is an activities section on the left menu, it will display the customer tickets with any new activity, so the customer can easily see what is new and go directly to the action. You will see blinking position on the list each time a new change, line new answer from the Agent, have beed made.


On the top right side of the screen you will find the shortcut icon for “New Ticket”, click on it and the new ticket screen will be displayed. Some needed fields are displayed to create your ticket, like: “Subject” (a short description of your incident or request), “Ticket type” (some ticket types can be displayed, choose the proper one based on your needs), “Assign to queue” (The service department, logical unit or group of persons that will receive your ticket).

If you have a related company as a customer you will see it is displayed.Also, on the right side you will see some additional attributes of the Ticket type you choose, describing helpful information you can select for your Ticket.

Finally, “Description” field is a place where you can write all the details of your ticket, please give as much information as possible. If you want you can add some attachments to your ticket as well.

On the right side bottom you will see  “Createt” button. Justclick it and your ticket will be created.