The Mint Web Client URL leads you to the login portal, to ease the user management, all the users can login in the same page and the system will open the proper session based on the assigned role.

Mint Service Desk works with three different user profiles:

  • Customer
  • Agent
  • Admin


It is the main displayed screen, if you already have an account, just type your username and your password in the correspondent fields and click on LOGIN. If you want, you can check the option “Remember My Login”.


If you forgot your password you just need to click on 'Forgot my password' link. It will lead you to a new screen where you need to type your email address in order to receive a new temporary password, don’t forget to change it to something you will remember easy but safe.


If you don’t have an account, the button “SIGN UP” takes you to a predefined form where you have to type your personal information: “USERNAME”, “EMAIL”, “FIRST NAME”, “LAST NAME” and “PASSWORD” in order to create your account. The MINT Service Desk admin will receive your request and will enable your account and assign your role so you can login.