Successfully manage services in your organization

A complete solution to monitor, track and exchange information about resources within your company and with outside vendors.


Incident Management

Get faster incident response. The end-to-end solution that responds to, reports on, investigates digital incidents or errors and overall works towards incident resolution.


Problem Management

Isolate problems, link them to existing or past incidents, perform root cause analysis to the timeline of events of your ITIL problem management software, and minimize any business disruptions.


Change Management

Control IT change processes, reduce the cost and risk of rapid, ongoing changes. Keep your teams informed of any changes that may impact the organization.


Asset Management

Discover, track, and manage assets in one place. Optimize operations and maintenance, reduce costs associated with asset usage, create and manage complex processes related to asset lifecycle.


Service Level Management

Meet SLAs on time! Prevent SLA violations by enabling multi-level proactive response and resolution escalations. Improve timely service delivery by customizing SLA rules project-dependent. 


Process Management

Manage and track all incidents easily with a defined process through the entire lifecycle by configuring custom statuses. Automate standard processes across your organization including ticket routing, sending for approvals, assigning and notifying agents and users.


Service Catalog

Provide and maintain a consistent source of information about all IT, HR, business and other services that you offer to employees and customers. 



Maintain a repository of all the assets in the organization with in-depth visibility into how they are connected to each other. Minimize potential risk by identifying critical assets, and analyzing their impact.


Knowledge Base

Integrate Incident Management thanks to a well-structured and easy-to-build knowledge base. Provide users with the information they need at hand and let your service desk teams focus on key projects.


Procurement Tools

The procurement module allows organizing all contracts and POs in a single location. Keep a comprehensive vendor database, align documents with the asset management module.



Decisions are driven with the right data. Use real-time and customizable dashboards and gain the right insights to facilitate better decision making.


Internet of Things

IoT-enabled Mint Service Management System utilizes IoT sensors, which allow to actively track specific information about the company’s assets with limited human involvement. 


Mint Smart Assist

Mint Smart Assist monitors, tracks and provides you with information about assets and problems. With a number of in-built features, you can now use the assist to accelerate issue resolution.


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