Asset Management

Store all your data in one place. Discover, track, and manage assets. Optimize operations and maintenance, reduce costs associated with asset usage, avoid vulnerabilities, create and manage complex processes related to asset lifecycle.

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Asset Inventory

  • Monitor asset status, attributes, flow, location, users and usage at any step of an asset lifecycle. Receive insight into the operational health of an asset and its composite systems. Ensure accurate information with asset lifecycle management.
  • Make informed business decisions to leverage balance costs, risks, opportunities, and performance. Plan asset allocation in the organization.
  • Stay on top of upcoming warranties and license expirations. Plan renewals and purchases in advance.

Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Manage and track assets in a single view.
  • View all activities linked to an asset in the activity log, track and manage past and current usage.
  • Analyze all asset trends, including ownership history, related incidents, problems and changes related to it.

Asset auto-discovery tool

  • Schedule periodic scans of your asset inventory to update asset information and discover any changes, including newly released patches, upgrades or other updates.
  • Carry out individual asset scans to track hardware and software changes.
  • Drive better decisions. Find out where to allocate unused assets to limit capital and operational expenditures and maximize return on investment by using predefined and custom statuses.

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