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Thanks to ITIL Incident Management, Mint SD allows combining people, processes, and technology for systematic tracking and incident management.

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Register, monitor and manage incidents

Manage incidents like never before. Efficient work organization allows limiting the interference in the functioning of IT services. Start registering incidents at the service portal and monitor their status. End users can easily log in to the portal and report any problems they encounter.

Prioritize and organize incidents

Too much work because of new incoming tickets? It is impossible to deal with everything at once. With Mint Service Desk you can decide if the incident reported is urgent and requires immediate action. Identify priorities based on the importance and impact of incidents, and then take appropriate steps. Focus on solving the most serious problems quickly – less important tasks can be postponed.

Solve incidents

Whenever you find solutions to specific problems, review incidents. Before closing critical reports, ensure smooth operation of your IT services. Develop a set of rules that allow automatic closing of tickets that have already been resolved. You can also combine common incidents with specific problems and simple user center automation rules to increase customer service efficiency.

Categorize incidents

Each incident report is forwarded to the appropriate consultant and team. This guarantees effective problem-solving. To ensure fast service, assign the best consultants to the most urgent and serious problems. Categorize incidents based on their priority as well as different skills and specializations of consultants.

Escalate incidents

Some incidents are more serious than other, typical ones. These types of incidents are usually escalated – from the first contact consultants to the next level in the technical support team, where they are resolved in time. SLAs (guaranteed service level agreement) determines the time consultants have at their disposal, responding to the notification and then developing a solution to the problem. It also defines a standard method for identifying critical issues and allows incidents to be passed higher so that the technical support team can address the end user’s request.

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